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Stimulsoft PDF Forms

A tool for creating forms in your application

Stimulsoft PDF Forms is a component for the interactive collection and processing of user data. The Forms tool easily integrates into your project or application, has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, and allows you to create rich form templates. Stimulsoft Forms is a new level of interaction with users in your web application.

Stimulsoft PDF Forms workflow

Designing interactive forms

Create forms by selecting essential fields, ensuring the collection of relevant information from users.

Form Designer

The designer is the key component of the product for creating, filling, and exporting forms. Using the designer, you can create fillable forms of any configuration with multiple fields. Integrating the designer into your application will not take much time - you only need to write a few lines of code to embed the component in the project. The algorithm for creating and editing forms is similar to creating reports and dashboards, except for the need to connect data.


A tool to design forms for Angular

We offer a product for creating editable PDF forms in your Angular applications. On the product pages, you can find more information about integration options, how our products may work in your applications, licensing terms and conditions, and much more.

We tried to make product integration in the project as simple as possible. You should install the necessary package from the NuGet repository or download the package from our website to your computer and add the libraries required for the project. No additional modules and particular extensions are needed. All you need, the product already has. The product supports .NET Framework 4.5.2 and above, or .NET Core 3.1, .NET 5, .NET 6, .NET 7 and .NET 8.


Even though Stimulsoft PDF Forms is a standalone product, it is part of the Stimulsoft platform. This means that we have ensured the maximum compatibility of documents created in all our products and also retained a unified approach to creating files - forms, reports, and dashboards. Finished documents have the same format - .mrt, and the form designer uses the same work logic. The main differences between the product for creating editable forms and the designer of reports and dashboards are the absence of data in the forms and the interactivity of the designed templates.


The Stimulsoft PDF Forms product includes an interactive document editor and a form viewer. Forms are built in the editor - this is where the fillable fields, parameters, options, and functionality for processing documents are located. Data from editable fields are automatically sent to your application and stored there for later analysis and visualization.


Electronic signature

Our fillable PDF forms have the option of an electronic signature, which dramatically increases the security of the document.

The functionality of the electronic signature in Stimulsoft PDF Forms allows you, in two ways, to leave a unique digital footprint in the document. The first is an electronic signature as a combination of time and graphic elements that link the document and its author. This feature is available in the editor in view mode.

The second option for implementing a digital signature is to create a special field in the editor where the user can leave a signature using the program for working with PDF. In other words, this option allows the user to sign a document with a unique electronic identifier without using special programs and extensions.

The functionality of the digital signature field in the form editor allows you not only to draw the signature itself directly but also to upload an image, add text and description, and also customize the appearance of the signature - select the signature text color, background color, set the font, text style, indents and so on.


Benefits of Fillable PDF form

Flexible setup

All fillable form fields are easy to customize based on your requirements. You may change the font and text color, resize components, add labels and descriptions, and much more.

High reliability

Only you and your assigned users can access your documents; third-party interference is completely excluded. Thanks to built-in algorithms, the PDF format provides reliable document protection.

Language support

All our products support localization into 40 languages, which significantly expands the boundaries and removes the language barrier between users and business partners.

Simple work cycle

Simple and understandable work principles are implemented - easy integration into a project, creation of forms in an integrated interface, and work with templates in any regular programs.

Export to PDF

Our product allows you to export a fillable form to a PDF document, both in a read-only file and in a format for archiving and long-term preservation - PDF/A.


An interactive document editor with a familiar Ribbon interface, a familiar control panel, and the WYSIWYG principle is responsible for convenient interaction with the products.

Popular format

PDF is a popular format due to its high security, the relatively small size of files, and the ability to open and edit documents in many standard programs. Fillable PDF forms from Stimulsoft have all the advantages of this format - a familiar interface, the ability to work in various editors, no need to print and scan documents, simple interaction, and fast receipt of the necessary data.

What is Stimulsoft PDF Forms?

Stimulsoft PDF Forms is a tool for creating, editing, filling, publishing, distributing interactive forms, and collecting results. Our product is embeddable into the application and allows you to create various custom templates for filling. Rich functionality makes the template genuinely interactive. Users receive a fillable form in PDF format, which they may modify in any program that supports this format.

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