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Stimulsoft Server

Stimulsoft BI Server is a client-server system that allows you to efficiently and effectively implement a full cycle of working with reports and dashboards that starts from the designing and automation of execution information processing tasks and ends on preparing for convenient presentation of results to users. Functionality and power of the reporting module are implemented using a fast and modern technology of Stimulsoft, which flexibility and reliability are time-tested.


Stimulsoft BI Server compares favorably with competing solutions because we can offer our users.

Low cost

Thanks to low prices and a variety of licensing options you spend less on infrastructure and maintenance of our system.

Low barriers to entry

Low system requirements, the ability to virtualize the server, low price and simple interface of client applications allow you to start using our system quickly.

High system security

The server protects your data from damage. The flexible system of administration and versioning of objects is responsible for this.

Multiple client applications

User-friendly and modern client applications to control the server are available for several platforms and allow using of all the system functions.

Fast templates creation

You can create and edit report and dashboard templates from the UI of the server, run them for rendering based on various data sources.

Support for multiple languages

Except for localizations of the UI, our system supports time zones, allowing regional offices to work in different parts of the world as a whole one.

Exporting data

All popular office formats are available for saving reports. Among them are PDF and MS Office. We implemented exporting capabilities.

Flexible automation processes

Using a robust scheduler, you can make it easy to schedule workflows and automate their execution.

API for developers

We take care not only about the users. The documented API in the server engine allows easy integration of the functionality of our system in your infrastructure.

Responsive customer support

Our support team is on call to answer your questions and help solve the problems.

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