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Enterprise Reporting / Analytic


Stimulsoft stands out as a leading provider of versatile reporting and business intelligence solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for creating reports, dashboards, forms, and more.

Renowned for its extensive capabilities, Stimulsoft empowers businesses to design, edit, print, view, and export reports and dashboards of any complexity, ensuring seamless integration and superior functionality across various platforms.

Stimulsoft Forms

Powerful tool for creating PDF forms in your app

The software for working with PDF fillable forms is available as a component to embed into your project and as a standalone desktop and online application.

With our tool, you can easily create a fillable PDF with fields, tables, lists, and images, fill them out electronically and automate your workflows.


Why Choose Stimulsoft?

Stimulsoft BI Designer

Designer app for creating reports, dashboards and forms

Our report, dashboard, and form designer is available as a standalone application for Windows, macOS, and Linux systems, as well as a web version. Both the desktop application and the web version offer the same extensive functionality for working with reports, dashboards, and forms. You can connect any data type, customize visual displays, and save finished documents locally or in the cloud.

Stimulsoft BI Server

The standalone report and dashboard server

Stimulsoft BI Server is a client-server system that allows you to implement a full cycle of working with reports and dashboards. Common workspace and centralized storage, scheduler and data conversion, vast possibilities for creating reports.

Stimulsoft BI Cloud

Web service for creating reports and dashboards

This is a cloud-based analytics, visualization, and data collection service that eliminates the need for programming and creating custom applications. You can generate reportsdashboards, and PDF forms directly on your web browser and on any device.

You can work collaboratively with your team, merge reports and dashboards into a single document, design form templates for user input, automate development procedures, and save files in the Stimulsoft BI Cloud workspace.

Stimulsoft Reports

Stunning Reporting Tool for ASP.NET, .NET Core, JS, Angular​​

Our versatile reporting tool enables you to create reports of any level of complexity from scratch on both desktop, web, and mobile platforms. The tool includes a royalty-free runtime report writer that is easily deployable on a wide range of platforms, including ASP.NET, WinForms, .NET Core, JavaScript, WPF, Angular, Blazor, PHP, Java, and more.

With our comprehensive and diverse report engine, you can empower your applications and services to produce high-quality reports with a broad range of features and functionalities. Whether you need to create simple reports or complex ones, our reporting tool has got you covered.


Stimulsoft Dashboards

Business intelligence platform for data visualization

Our royalty-free analytics tool is effortless to deploy and can be integrated into your software to provide data analysis to your clients.

Our dashboards allow you to connect various data types from multiple sources and leverage a variety of components for quick insights. The runtime dashboard designer and viewer can be seamlessly integrated into applications based on ASP.NET, .NET Core, JavaScript, Blazor, Angular and PHP.

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